on 7/31/2018 3:59 AM

This is a minor release for WebSharper and WebSharper.UI.

Install templates for .NET Core SDK: dotnet new -i WebSharper.Templates::

Download templates for Visual Studio 2017: http://websharper.com/installers/WebSharper.



  • #988 Add proxy for the JavaScript fetch API.
  • #988 Add Router.Fetch as a fetch-based equivalent to Router.Ajax. `fsharp type EndPoint = | [<EndPoint "GET /article-data">] GetArticleData of id: int type ArticleData = { id: int; (* ... *) } let router = Router.Infer<EndPoint>() promise { // Fetch /article-data/12... let! resp = Router.Fetch router (GetArticleData 12) // ... get its body as JSON... let! respJson = resp.Json() // ... and decode it as an instance of ArticleData. let article = Json.Decode<ArticleData> respJson Console.Log(article) }`


  • #985 Fix reading C# tuple type signatures, this also fixes remoting with tuples in C#.
  • #989 RPC signature verification works as intended: compiler attempts to create JSON de/serializers, if there is any unsupported types found, a compile-time error is given.
  • #990 The runngen.ps1 scripts in the tools folder in both WebSharper.FSharp and WebSharper.CSharp packages now correctly installs the compiler tools in the net461 folder. Run this script in administrator mode to speed up WebSharper compilation.
  • #991 Fix regression in overriding implementation methods, there is no more incorrect Instance member name conflict errors.
  • #993 Fix scoping of "this" in function conversions. This notably fixes C# event handlers in WebSharper.UI.
  • #994 Fix control flow for C# try/catch in asynchronous methods.
  • #996 Don't use jQuery.on('ready', ...) for the web control activator. This removes the dependency on jQuery for many sitelets.
  • #997 Add proxy for Printf.kprintf.
  • #998 Don't serialize System.UI.Web.Control's private fields. Since the Serializable attribute requirement was dropped in 4.4.0, web controls would output a number of null fields in the <meta> tag; this is now fixed.

WebSharper UI


  • #181 Elt.WithAttrs is no longer public, it was intended to be internal.
  • #181 Elt.RemoveClass removes unneeded spaces from class attribute value.
  • #182 jQuery is now not used internally for Elt.AddClass/RemoveClass and Router.Install/InstallInto.
  • #184 In sitelets using a template with ClientLoad.FromDocument, when outputting a ws-replace tag, make the tag name depend on the parent tag (eg. if the parent is <tbody>, output <tr>) instead of always <div>, so that the HTML is parsed correctly.

Happy coding!

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