on 9/1/2014 8:51 AM

It's release time again! CloudSharper is out with a new feature: workspace-less fsi.

You can now run F# Interactive without having a workspace open, which is quite convenient for quick exploratory programming. Note that your fsi session will be reset as soon as you open a workspace.

You can also dock the interactive window to the right of the main tabset, making it easier to work interactively with a script or a documentation page.

This release also fixes a critical issue where the MSBuild agent on mono would throw an exception when trying to start a build.

As usual, here is the complete change log:

  • #467: Check subprotocol for GlobalCommands too
  • #474: Fix newlines in console output of foreign commands
  • #478: Show the CloudSharper version number on the dashboard
  • #490: Enable fsi in workspace-less scenarios
  • #499: Add "Find in solution explorer" and "Find in file explorer" to tab context menu
  • #503: Dialog layout on viewport resize
  • #504: Fix the new-ws command
  • #505: Fix styling of the FPish account association page
  • #507: Fix exception thrown by the MSBuild agent on mono when triggering a build
  • #509: Correctly connect to a local component running on another machine
  • #510: Allow docking the interactive window

Happy coding!

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