on 5/6/2015 11:49 AM

This is the first minor release since WebSharper 3.0 went live. Here is the change log:

  • The types Web.IContext and Sitelets.Context<_> have a new member Environment : IDictionary<string, obj>. This property is used to pass host-specific data to sitelets and Rpc functions. Currently, this dictionary contains:
    • When running as an ASP.NET module (eg. Client-Server Application project template), "HttpContext" contains System.Web.HttpContext.Current.
    • When running on OWIN (eg. Self-Hosted Client-Server Application project template), "OwinContext" contains the current IOwinContext.

      Thanks to Catalin Bocirnea for this contribution on this!

  • Added a Sitelets.Content creation helper: Content.FromAsync : Async<Content<'T>> -> Content<'T>

  • Fixed #391: Sitelet.Infer would incorrectly match URLs longer than prescribed, for example a union case such as:

    | Article of id: int

    would not only accept urls such as:


    but also urls with any extraneous fragments afterwards:


    Now it only accepts urls with the following formats:


As always, WebSharper 3.0.59 is available on NuGet, and the installers for Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop are available on the official website and on the respective update channels.

Happy coding!

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