on 10/15/2014 10:21 AM

This release of CloudSharper adds configuration options for the local service's web server and the workspaces directory. These options are present in the CloudSharper.Console.exe.config file if you use the GUI console, or can be passed via the command line if you use CloudSharper.exe directly.

  • #558: Added an option rootdir pointing to the directory where CloudSharper should store workspace files.
    The string "$USERPROFILE" is replaced with the user's home directory (usually C:\Users\username in Windows).
    The default value is "$USERPROFILE\CloudSharper".
  • #559: Removed the option serveip and replaced it with two options: websocketserverip and webserverhostname.

    • websocketserverip configures the IP address on which the WebSockets server listens.
      The default is
    • webserverhostname configure the hostname or IP address on which the web servers (for static files and WebSharper Sitelets) listen.
      The default is localhost.

Note for users in restricted environments such as Windows Domain accounts:

CloudSharper used to require the use of the netsh command with administrator privilege in order to be able to run its web servers. Starting with this version, this is not the case anymore when webserverhostname="localhost". However, you may still experience a failure to start the web server and an error message printed by CloudSharper advising you to use netsh to allow the server to run. The most likely reason is that the port was reserved for previous CloudSharper versions to serve under the hostname instead of localhost. The best course of action is to remove this reservation by running the following command as administrator:

netsh http delete urlacl

where PORT is the port number indicated in the error message.
You do not need to then run the netsh http add command as advised in the error message, because localhost is allowed by default if no other hostname reserves the same port.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us on the FPish forums.

Happy coding!

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