on 11/11/2015 9:01 PM

We are happy to announce the release of WebSharper 3.5.16 available through the usual channels. Here is the change log:


The unit testing framework WebSharper.Testing has been split into a separate NuGet package.

This fixes the issue where QUnit was included as a script in Single-Page Applications even when it wasn't actually used.


  • #486: Reference the correct version of FSharp.Core in the MSBuild task. This fixes issues such as Json.Serialize failing to compile when running MSBuild from the command line.

  • #489: Null argument exception when building on mono.


  • #17: Add try...with, try...finally and return! to the View.Do computation expression.

  • #19: Add View.Sequence : seq<View<'T>> -> View<seq<'T>>.

  • #55: In the templating type provider, translate <[CDATA[...]]> blocks to Doc.Verbatim.

  • #56: Don't delete some text nodes when updating the view.

  • #57: Fix genericity error on the <~ update operator in Notation.

Happy coding!

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