on 6/2/2014 8:42 AM

We just released version 0.9.11 of CloudSharper alpha. The main highlights are:

  • Better version compatibility management. If you are trying to use CloudSharper with a local component that is not the latest, you will see either an error or a warning, depending on whether your local component is protocol-compatible with the current CloudSharper.
  • A user interface for NuGet package management, accessible by right-clicking the folder of a project and selecting "Manage packages".
    Note that this only installs the package into the /packages folder; modifying the project file to add references, as Visual Studio does, will be added in an upcoming release.

Here is the full change log:

  • #386: Add protocol version negociation on websocket connect
  • #388: CloudSharper.Console.exe not in CloudSharper.zip
  • #389: Code completion tooltips show "(Loading description...)" most of the time
  • #399: Using the same type provider in several workspaces confuses the code service
  • #400: On disconnect, offer to reconnect immediately instead of waiting 30s
  • #401: Better deal with projects that failed to load in the code service
  • #403: Code service: when a standalone fs file becomes integrated in a project, clear errors on it
  • #404: Registration form - no feedback on success
  • #405: NuGet window: typing <enter> in search input should trigger the search
  • #406: Writing packages.config omits the <?xml ... ?> line
  • #407: Nuget manager: exception when reading the installed packages
  • #409: Wrong packages in package.config
  • #410: WebSharper template fixes

Happy coding!

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