on 9/24/2015 3:16 AM

We are happy to announce the release of version 3.4.19 of the WebSharper stack, which you can download here. This release is mainly dedicated to bug fixes and minor features.

Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop addin on the main channel

The WebSharper addin is now available on the main Xamarin Studio channel. This means that you can now drop the githubusercontent.com-based custom repository, and grab WebSharper directly from Xamarin instead! Simply check the "Web Development" category in the addin manager's gallery.

UI.Next Checked number inputs

The main new feature (and breaking change) is in UI.Next. The functions Doc.IntInput and Doc.FloatInput, which associate a Var<int> or Var<float> to a <input type="number"> element, took little care to check the correctness of the actual text entered by the user. This could result in awkward and even browser-inconsistent user experience, where mistakenly entering "1e" would return 1 on some browsers and 0 on others.

These combinators have therefore been modified to perform more input checking and bind the value to a Var<CheckedInput<_>>, with the following definition:

type CheckedInput<'T> =
    | Valid of value: 'T * inputText: string
    | Invalid of inputText: string
    | Blank of inputText: string

This way, typing "1e" consistently sets the Var to Invalid "1e".

The old behavior can still be achieved using Doc.IntInputUnchecked and Doc.FloatInputUnchecked, but is not advised.

Full change log

Here are the minor changes and bug fixes to WebSharper and components since the previous release.


  • #402: Fix exception when compiling a WebSharper project that references a Roslyn-compiled assembly.

  • #467: Add JS.RequestAnimationFrame and JS.CancelAnimationFrame, with a shim for IE9-.

  • #470: Fix the printf family of functions for union cases with [<Constant>] attributes.

  • #471: Fix exception on mono when looking for a [<Website>] if a dependent assembly is missing.

  • #473: Add server-side JSON serialization of the unit type.

  • Add missing proxy for jQuery.parseHTML.


  • #31: Add Doc.Verbatim to create a Doc from verbatim HTML. Be careful not to use it with user input data!

  • #33: camelCase on Expr-based events (eg. on.keyUp instead of on.keyup).

  • #34: make IntInput and FloatInput checked (see above).

  • #36: Add attr.``data-`` combinator to WebSharper.UI.Next.Html to create data-foo="value"-type attributes.

  • #37: Add Doc.SelectOptional, which adds a first selectable option that sets the Var to None.

  • #38: Add Doc.SelectDyn and Doc.SelectDynOptional, for which the list of available options comes dynamically from a View.

  • #39: Add View.MapCached, which is identical to View.Map except that it doesn't call the mapping function again if the input value is equal to the previous input. Useful if the mapping function is computationally expensive. Note that the output is still marked obsolete, it is simply re-filled with the same cached value.

  • #40: Add Doc.WebControl, which allows including a WebSharper.Web.Control inside a server-side Doc.

  • #41: Add .With() method overloads for WebSharper.Sitelets.Content.Template that take Docs as holes.

  • #42: Add instance member versions of Doc.Run, Doc.RunById and Doc.AsPagelet.


  • Release on the main Xamarin channel (see above).

  • #3 on websharper.templates: duplicate .fsproj file when creating a project whose name isn't also a valid identifier.

Happy coding!

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