on 9/24/2014 1:39 PM

The main highlight of this release is the switch from plain FSharp.Compiler.Service to the higher-level FSharp.CompilerBinding. This will allow us to benefit from more community-developed enhancements, and to develop improvements to the code service more quickly. A few bugs have already been fixed thanks to this transition, and you can expect hover tooltips, go to definition and more soon!

Full change log:

  • #281: Close affected tabs when running rmdir
  • #300: Always fail as expected when trying to run a program that doesn't exist from the console
  • #543: Auto-close and match brackets in the editor
  • #544: Fix upload file window style
  • #546: Reassign tab when the file's directory is renamed
  • #547: Fix persisting "Loading custom editors..." message in some cases
  • #551: Correctly reflect saved changes to a file in the code service for another file of the same project
  • #552: Fix updating the completion list when typing extra letters

Happy coding!


Are these updates not making it out as Mac OS X installers?

By on 9/24/2014 7:00 PM ()

Should be out now, there was a bit of delay with scheduling the build. You can download it from your CloudSharper dashboard.

By on 9/27/2014 10:32 AM ()
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