on 6/3/2014 10:10 AM

We are releasing CloudSharper alpha, a bugfix version after yesterday's bigger release. As usual, some of the fixes require you to download the latest local component.

Change log:

  • 398: Show user's login on website pages.
  • 414: Local CloudSharper crash on create workspace on mono.
  • 417: Login and registration: add waiting text
  • 416: Error executing task WebSharperTask
  • 418: Middle-clicking a tab to close it doesn't work on Firefox
  • 420: NullReferenceException when building msbuild Library/Library.fsproj on WebSharper template

Known issues and workarounds:

  • On mono, running a build on a solution (Ctrl+B) that contains WebSharper projects fails. We are investigating this issue; in the meantime you can directly build the project itself by typing msbuild MyProject/MyProject.fsproj in the console (Ctrl+E).

Happy coding!

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