on 2/19/2014 9:02 AM

Here are the changes for CloudSharper Local alpha 0.9.6:

  • As Adam pre-announced yesterday, we now have experimental support for MSBuild as an alternative to IntelliFactory.Build. This includes:

    • A new msbuild console command that runs MSBuild. Like build, if you do not pass a build file as argument, it searches for the first compatible build file in the workspace (ie. *.*proj or *.sln).
    • Intellisense can now read source files and references from *.fsproj files. In particular, this partially fixes #270: for projects with no other dependencies than F# and WebSharper, the completion service doesn't report errors anymore on valid projects even before building.
    • The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B now triggers msbuild rather than build.
  • #266: Unlist deleted workspaces.
  • #268: Keep focus in the active tab when sending code to FSI.
  • #269: Remove "Delete" context menu option from the workspace root.
  • #271: When a Sitelets deployment fails, warn that it might be because the project wasn't built.
  • #273: When deleting the current workspace, close it first.
  • #275: Clear the feedback window after a message has been sent.
  • #278: When deploying to AppHarbor, warn about the possibility that the browser might be blocking the popup.
  • #279: Remove Intellisense errors related to deleted files.

Some future work will focus on the MSBuild support, in particular adding support for simply installing NuGet packages.

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