on 10/20/2015 5:52 PM

We just released version 3.5.9 of the WebSharper stack. This is mostly a bugfix release, with a few shorthands added to the UI.Next API.

Change log


  • #477: Fix translation to JavaScript of mutable variables used from a closure (F# 4.0 feature).

  • #478: Fix encoding of web controls by the ASP.NET ScriptManager.

  • #479: Fix currying of local functions in some edge cases.

  • #480: Fix division involving large negative integers.

  • #481: Include "Z" UTC indicator in server-side System.DateTime JSON serialization.

  • Ignore final slash in table-based Sitelets routing, thus fixing WebSharper.Suave #1.


  • #1: Restore Html.Server.Web.Control and fix the JSON encoding of any client-side controls it contains.


  • #43: Use keypress instead of keyup for IE8-compatible input detection in the Attr.Value and Doc.Input families of functions. This makes it possible to use on.keyup for other purposes, such as catching Enter to submit the input.

  • Add Submitter.CreateOption : View<'T> -> Submitter<option<'T>>. This creates a Submitter with initial value None, that maps the input view through Some when triggered.

  • Rename the View.Convert and Doc.Convert families of functions as follows:

    View.Convert      -> View.MapSeqCached
    View.ConvertBy    -> View.MapSeqCachedBy
    View.ConvertSeq   -> View.MapSeqCachedView
    View.ConvertSeqBy -> View.MapSeqCachedViewBy
     Doc.Convert      -> Doc.BindSeqCached
     Doc.ConvertBy    -> Doc.BindSeqCachedBy
     Doc.ConvertSeq   -> Doc.BindSeqCachedView
     Doc.ConvertSeqBy -> Doc.BindSeqCachedViewBy

    The old versions still exist for backward-compatibility, but are marked obsolete.

  • Add extension method equivalents on View<'T> for all of the above. They are overloaded: all variants of View.MapSeqCached have an equivalent v.MapSeqCached(), and all variants of Doc.BindSeqCached have an equivalent v.DocSeqCached().
    Additionally, Doc.BindView has an equivalent v.Doc().

Project Templates

The UI.Next project templates in the Visual Studio extension and the Xamarin Studio addin have been updated:

  • The SPA project uses People.View.DocSeqCached() instead of ListModel.View People |> Doc.Convert.

  • The Client-Server projects now use a reactive style for the small client-side code sample, instead of the previous imperative style.

Happy coding!

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