on 2/6/2018 10:59 PM

WebSharper 4.1.6 is now available on NuGet, and as a vsix installer on the WebSharper website.

It contains performance enhancements to the Bundle project type, as well as a new BundleOnly project type for when only .js/.css output are needed for a project and a .dll is not. Also serialization support for DateTimeOffset.

Documentation: WebSharper 4.1 for C# and WebSharper 4.1 for F#.

The release notes are also found on GitHub.


  • Bundle project output is now generated quicker.
  • Also, if you have source mapping turned off (as default) and dead code elimination too (with <WebSharperDeadCodeElimination>False</WebSharperDeadCodeElimination>) then bundling will just concatenate already compiled JavaScript output for referenced assemblies instead of rewriting to a single scope, resulting in faster compilation speed.
  • You can use the new project type value <WebSharperProject>BundleOnly</WebSharperProject> to have only the .js/.css/.html output for bundle projects. In the case of F#, this means that only a dummy .dll is created. For C#, the .dll is just not touched, it will contain no WebSharper-specific resources. This allows faster iterative development on bundle projects. Do not use BundleOnly if any other projects are referencing the current project. Most time is gained if that project itself (and not just references) contain large amount of code.


  • More DateTimeOffset members now usable client-side. Both RPCs and custom JSON serialization are supporting DateTimeOffset values, in a way that is also cross-compatible with serialized DateTime values.
  • F# module-level pattern matching with let now translates successfully. For example: let a, b = 1, 2
  • Sitelet.InferWithCustomErrors and Router.InferWithCustomErrors work as intended (previously was throwing a null exception).

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