on 6/25/2015 1:40 AM

This release fixes some bugs when compiling from F# quotations (used for example by WebSharper.Warp).

Full change log since 3.2.7:

  • #430: Inferred sitelets: Allow specifying the method in EndPoint

    For example this:

    type Action =
    | [<EndPoint "GET /home">] Home

    would be equivalent to:

    type Action =
    | [<Method "GET"; EndPoint "/home">] Home
  • #431: Don't write meta and init script tags when there are no resources

  • #437: Interfaces generated by WIG

    Previously using interfaces generated invalid IL, implementations were missing. Also interface methods had no Inline attributes for WebSharper translation.

    Now an interface is auto-implemented on the class. Inlines are copied from the interface declaration, no customization is possible currently. If there are multiple interfaces defining the same method, the inline found on the first interface definition will be used.

  • #435: Generic type constructor in tranlating a quoatation

  • #424: Nested types are handled incorrectly when translating with runtime reflection
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