on 6/8/2017 9:31 PM

WebSharper 4 beta now has F# 4.1 and C# 7 language support.

Latest Visual Studio template installers compatible with VS2015/2017 is available here.


  • #689 Added support for F# 4.1 and C# 7 new language features.
  • #596 Automatic download of remote web resources to serve from locally. Set <WebSharperDownloadResources>True</WebSharperDownloadResources> in your project file to have WebSharper download all remote js/css defined in current project and all references. Add <add key="UseDownloadedResources" value="True" /> to your <appSettings> section in web.config.
  • #696 Parameterless union cases of a JavaScript-annotated union translate to a singleton instance for performance. Equality checks are optimized for these cases to just check the tag.
  • #638 Added Warn attribute, calls to annotated member will generate a warning wherever it is called from client-side code.
  • #693 F# multi-type trait calls translate but still are not supporting overloads. F# + and - operators properly translate to the operator defined by the type.
  • #703 Stub classes with a base class do not emit a new class overwriting outside one.



  • #697 Union with Constant case will have no prototype implicitly (instance methods compiled to static)
  • #598 RPC signature hash computing is now platform-independent.
  • #702 C# conditional compilation symbols are properly respected for translation with WebSharper.
  • #705 JQuery is linked from https
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