on 4/11/2017 11:56 PM

Zafir. Is now available on NuGet, .vsix installers at WebSharper downloads ("Other versions" section).

Thanks to @cgravill and @amieres for submitting bug reports.

See this release on GitHub.


  • #681 Return was missing so infinite loop was generated on a module-level let rec returning unit
  • #682 Mark arguments transformed in tail recursion optimization as mutable to avoid incorrect inlining which could result in invalid JS code
  • #680 Do not eta-reduce to expressions that has side effects so needs the closure
  • #666 Ignore duplicate references when initializing Sitelets in non-ASP.NET contexts, fail only on WS assemblies with different versions.
  • #684 Fix for JavaScript statements in Inline to not drop first statement if it was an expression
  • #685 Different Name and AssemblyName in F# does not cause errors


  • #683 You can now opt-out of dead code elimination for SPA projects. Use <WebSharperDeadCodeElimination>False</WebSharperDeadCodeElimination> in the project file or add --dce- to the wsfsc.exe command line.
  • #686 Case test for erased unions with a case which is a plain object in JS now compiles, if there is no previous case that is also a plain object, then it gives a more specific error

Breaking changes

  • #670 By default, classes (including F# records and unions) with no methods translated to JS instance methods and having no base class are now translated not to have a prototype. JSON serializer was fixed to handle this. This is a performance optimization, but disallows type checks or inheriting from a class like this. So a new attribute Prototype was added to opt-in for generating a prototype for the type in the translation. Extra features: Prototype(false) forces the type to have no prototype, converting instance methods to static in translation.
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