on 2/24/2011 8:47 AM

It's almost March, but don't rush time - there are still two (edit - three!) upcoming WebSharper talks before the end of February:

  • Feb 25 Kiev Alt.NET - Anton Tayanovskyy (IntelliFactory) and Vladimir Matveev (IntelliFactory) talk about building WebSharper applications in this session of Kiev Alt.NET dedicated entirely to WebSharper.
  • Feb 26 UWDC 2011 (Russia) - Dmitry Soshnikov talks about Functional programming in web development (in Russian) including using WebSharper.
  • Feb 26 Boise Code Camp (USA) - Ryan Riley (Logos) talks about F# on the Web, discusses his Frack/Frank F# web stack and demostrates how to use WebSharper sitelets and HTML5.

March is also packed with events, including my WebSharper talk at the Functional Programming Exchange (FPX) 2011 in London, hosted by SkillsMatter. You may have seen Don's announcement from a while ago - this is indeed going to be one cool event with several awesome sessions on web development with functional languages (F#, Scala, Haskell, etc.). Stay tuned for more WebSharper event announcements!

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