on 5/12/2011 9:33 PM

Since we released WebSharper Professional last week, we received ~200 requests about extending prior trial versions that expired. As it turns out WebSharper Professional has been in beta for several months and the first users who opted in to try it were now unable to check out the final release due to expired trial licenses. To add to the burden, we originally offered 90-day trials but switched to 30 days as we were approaching the final release date. This was in a conscious effort to retire WebSharper Professional Beta trials so the new final release can be offered on a separate trials database without people getting stuck in the old one (e.g. so users have a fresh trial period on the final release).

The good news is that now this migration process has been completed, and WebSharper Professional is once again available on a fresh, 90-day trial, and premium extensions are on a fresh, 30-day trial. However, before you can benefit from this you should manually remove your license files (from under ${AllUsers}\Application Data\IntelliFactory\*.lic) and obtain new ones via WebSharper Manager. It is a good idea back up the license files before completely wiping them, so we can assist you in case things didn't go as smoothly as you expected.

This affects WebSharper Professional and all of its premium extensions (Infovis, Protovis, Ext JS, Sencha Touch). Regular extensions (over a dozen including Google Maps/Visualization, Bing Maps, DHTMLX, etc.) are not affected as they never required a license in the first place.

Drop us a message if you need any help to get started and don't hesitate to send us what you think.

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