on 9/1/2015 5:26 AM

Try WebSharper reached an important milestone today: we just released the first bits of on-the-fly typechecking and code completion, and you can now develop F# web snippets, without any installation, online more easily than ever.

Here is what it looks like:

You don't have to do anything fancy, just start typing and the type checker will guide you, including code completion with Ctrl+Space as you would expect. When you are ready to run your snippet, hit Run and you will see your snippet run in the Result panel.

Snippets with dependencies

You may also notice the little gear icon in the F# source tab, with that, now you can set up dependencies for your snippet. Currently, we support a wide range of WebSharper extensions, with more coming soon:




WebSharper.Charting, WebSharper.ChartJs


WebSharper.D3, WebSharper.Google.Visualization

3D graphics

WebSharper.GlMatrix, WebSharper.O3D

Mobile UIs/apps

WebSharper.SenchaTouch, WebSharper.MaterialUI

WebSharper abstractions

WebSharper.Formlets, WebSharper.Piglets

Reactive development

WebSharper.React, WebSharper.UI.Next

We will add third-party extensions shortly, including a variant of FSharp.Data to enable data-aware snippets that communicate with web services, etc.

Even more enhancements will be coming shortly, until then happy coding!

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