on 5/15/2014 12:36 PM

Are you an F# user on Mac OS or Linux, looking for the easiest way to develop multi-project F# solutions with full code assistance and type checking? Would you like to use F# Interactive for developing and testing parts of your web applications interactively? Would you like to benefit from the multitude of web libraries in your development environment? Well, if yes - look no further, CloudSharper, the world's most versatile online IDE has arrived to Mac and Linux!

Here are a couple screenshots showing CloudSharper in action on Mac OS and Linux (click on them to view the full-size image):

We will going full force to bring you even more awesome features to kickstart your F# development experience on the web, so register your free CloudSharper account, use it in your everyday work, and tell us what you think.

Happy coding!

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