on 2/26/2013 1:51 AM

As F# is making its headway into becoming a true mainstream language, we are more committed than ever to facilitate this journey and bring F# to ALL web and mobile developers.

As of today, we are happy to announce that we are offering a free WebSharper developer license for all language and web MVPs - a $600 dollar value for free!

To claim yours, simply send your name, MVP specialization and MVP number to:

websharper-mvp at intellifactory.com

WebSharper is an open source web framework that makes web development fun, easy and robust. Want safe URLs, type-safe web forms, or composable web applications? Then WebSharper is for you! Download your copy today, and work with the most versatile .NET web framework to develop your web and web-based mobile applications quicker and with less code than ever before.

If you are wondering about licensing - it's actually as easy as it can be: Having a developer license enables you to develop CLOSED source applications (regardless of whether they are premium or not) with WebSharper. However, if you are an open source developer, you do not need a developer license to use WebSharper - and it is still free and will remain free forever!

You can also contribute to WebSharper. Currently, development takes place in two separate repositories: the public one and the support one. The latter is where all upcoming features and bugfixes are tested before they are rolled out to the public repository in bi-annual code drops. We are working on merging these repositories to give developers the latest and greatest, and also taking pull requests from the community.

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