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Dave Thomas will present on his experiments with F# for server-side programming including the fracture-io project, a high-performance socket pipeline library meant to offer a range of useful features similar to those offered in 0mq and Akka.


F# Server based programming 


Concise succinct code

Advanced asynchronous support


A comparison of styles


1 source file

43 lines

2 types


2 source files

166 lines

2 type

C# ObjectPool

F# ObjectPool


2 Models of Operation

AsyncResult Model

SocketAsyncEventArgs Model

IAsyncResults Model


Well documented API

Can be simplified with helpers in Asynchronous workflows in F#

Fast to get an initial result

SocketAsyncEventArgs Model


Less memory allocations

Better performance

Closer to the metal

Performance Differences

5 minute test

50 clients connecting to the server

15ms interval between each one 

Server sends each client a 128 byte message every 100ms

Total of 500 messages per second

CPU & Threads


Garbage collection

F# - Fracture IO

Open source high performance Socket, Pipeline, and agent library

Introducing Fracture-IO

High performance Socket library

Highly compositional pipeline library


Closed Pipelines

Tomas Petricek

Image Processing Pipeline

Open Pipelines


Closed Pipelines

Open Pipelines




Can be used at any stage of processing

Separation of concerns

Flexible routing arrangements i.e. round robin, multicast, content based routing

Future Directions

Distributed Pipelets

Wave Pipeline

Synchronous buffered Pipeline

Advanced agent based programming

- Supervision

- Pooling

- Control Messages


Dave Thomas (dave.thomas)


Dave Thomas is a technologist, computer programmer, and keen guitarist. He builds reliable efficient, high performance enterprise software in F# and C#, and also likes to belt out a good riff on the guitar! You can read his blog at

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