IntelliFactory / Learning F# - Basics

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This course helps to quickly establish your basic programming skills with F#.

What you will learn

  • How to use the basic functional programming constructs in F#
  • How to work with F# types
  • How to use tuples, unions, records, lists, arrays, maps, and sequences
  • How to create, run and debug Visual F# projects in Visual Studio
  • How to use and develop code incrementally using F# Interactive
  • How to consume F# libraries in C# projects


  1. Working with F# projects in Visual Studio
  2. Working with F# Interactive
  3. Foundations of functional programming
    1. Types
    2. Functions as first-class values
    3. Higher-order functions
    4. Recursion vs. looping constructs
    5. Pattern matching
  4. Functional programming with data
    1. Tuples
    2. Discriminated unions
    3. Records
    4. Objects
    5. Lists
    6. Arrays
    7. Maps
    8. Sequences
  5. Consuming F# libraries in C# projects

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