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This course covers everything you need know to get started writing advanced and robust web applications using WebSharper™.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of web standards such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Basic understanding of F#.

What you will learn

  • How to create reusable web components using F#.
  • How to use formlets for constructing dynamic web forms.
  • How to integrate with existing ASP.NET sites.
  • How to extend WebSharper™ by creating bindings to your favorite JavaScript library.
  • How to ensure high quality code using the built-in testing framework.
  • How to apply functional programming techniques to the web domain.


  1. WebSharper™ Basics
    • Building pagelets
      • Defining a pagelet
      • Embedding pagelets in ASP.NET markup
    • Constructing HTML
      • Working with HTML combinators
      • Adding CSS and attributes
      • Adding events
      • Using jQuery operators
    • Understanding the IWidget interface
  2. WebSharper™ Continued
    • An overview of the WebSharper™ framework
    • The server-client tier
      • Working with data on server and client
      • Using RPC methods for calling the server
      • Synchronous and asynchronous server calls
    • Using the core F# and .NET libraries
      • List
      • Array
      • Sequence
      • Map
      • Set
    • Working with resources
      • Defining JavsScript and CSS resources
      • Expressing dependencies between resources
    • Integrating with ASP.NET
      • Embedding server-side values
  3. Designing applications with WebSharper™
    • Creating IWidgets and HTML templating.
      • Implementing custom IWidgets
    • Using the built-in testing framework
      • Defining random test cases
    • Using reactive programming
      • Working with events
      • Working with IObservables
  4. Formlets and flowlets
    • Building basic formlets
      • Using basic formlet controls
      • Handling formlet results
      • Composing formlets
      • Creating formlets of custom types
    • Enhancing formlets
      • Adding validation
      • Adding labels
      • Adding legends
      • Adding form containers
    • Creating dependent formlets
      • Using the Bind function
      • Using the formlet workflow builder
    • Building flowlets
      • Using the flowlet Bind function
      • Using the flowlet workflow builder
      • Combining formlets and flowlets
  5. Advanced formlets
    • Understanding the formlet type
    • Creating custom formlets
      • Building a formlet from scratch
      • Checking formlets for correctness
    • Creating dependent formlets with custom layout
  6. Extending WebSharper™
    • Binding JavaScript libraries
      • Creating basic bindings
      • Wrapping configuration objects
      • Implementing the IWidget interface
    • Proxying .NET classes/namespaces
      • Creating proxy types

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