Clojure eXchange 2013 / You came for the concurrency right?

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One of the main attractions of Clojure is it’s support for concurrency, but it is possible to get a lot done without really exercising the concurrency features. This talk aims to cover concurrency, parallelism (and why they are not the same thing) Software Transactional Memory, Refs, Atoms, Futures, Promises and Agents and talk about when you can and should use them. Since most of the books were published Clojurescript has given us a very different runtime, reducers and most recently core.async have arrived and given us even more ways to utilise multiple cores and asynchronous communication, while maintaining our sanity. The talk is accessible to people new to Clojure but the hope is everyone takes away something new and fun.


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Tom Hall (tom.hall)


Doing a mixture of Dev and Ops that might be called DevOps Tom currently works at Futurelearn. Tom is a Mathematician, theatre fan, occasional mountaineer, part time runner, thoroughly nice chap and is available in fine bookstores everywhere.

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