Clojure eXchange 2013 / Lightning Talks with Tero and Jamie

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Jamie Brandon: Talking about stuff. In idiomatic clojure, data is not hidden behind classes and methods but instead left lying around in a homogenous heap of stuff. Strucjure is a library for describing the shape of your stuff. You provide a declarative grammar and strucjure gives you pattern matching, validators, parsers, walks, lenses and generators with clear and simple error messages when things are the wrong shape. Tero Parviainen: The Road to the Clojure Cup. On the last weekend of September, about 100 teams from all over the world got together for the inaugural Clojure Cup and spent 48 intensive hours building Clojure applications. The results speak for themselves: Clojure is truly a technology for getting things done. I'll share the story of Clojure Cup, from the first pitch at a Clojure Finland meetup, through the build-up to the event, and finally to the announcement of the winners. I'll also talk about our plans for a bigger and better event next year.


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Jamie Brandon (jamie.brandon)


Jamie wanders the planet making a living by turning slow, complex things into fast, simple things.

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