Clojure eXchange 2013 / Some musings on Scala and Clojure by a long time Scala dude

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David Pollak has written a popular framework in and a book about Scala. He's been doing Scala since 2006. David has picked up Clojure recently and started work on his Plugh framework. David will discuss his views on Clojure vs. Scala on the following dimensions: tooling, documentation, stability, ecosystem, language philosophy, and yes, he will go to the "static vs. dynamic" place. David doesn't mince words and is sure to infuriate everyone at one point or another.


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David Pollack (david.pollack)


David Pollak founded the Lift Web Framework open source project. Lift is an expressive and elegant framework for writing secure, scalable, interactive web applications on the Java Virtual Machine. David is a consultant in San Francisco.

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