Clojure eXchange 2013 / Lightning talks with Malcolm, Thomas & Chris

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Using Clojure(Script) to talk MQTT MQTT is a lightweight pub/sub messaging protocol originally designed by IBM and Cirrus Link Solution and is now in the process of being standardised by OASIS. The Eclipse Paho project has released open source C, Java and Javascript clients for the MQTT protocol. We will demonstrate a small whiteboard app written in Clojure and ClojureScript running on both the JVM and in the browser, connected to each other via MQTT. In the process, we'll learn a thing or two about the power of Clojure. Modularity with Jig Jig is an application harness which helps you rapidly assemble and develop modular applications in Clojure. Like many things in the Clojure world, Jig is a work-in-progress. This talk will quickly explain some of the motivations and trade-offs behind Jig's design, demonstrate its present state, and discuss future directions.


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Thomas van der Veen (thomas.van.der.veen)


Thomas had been reading about the awesomeness of Lisp for years and when introduced to Clojure a few years ago he finally took the plunge, learned it and never looked back.Chris is a software engineer at IBM, using Java to write and support enterpris

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