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In this session, Yan will share some of his experiences of building a successful MMORPG for a social audience and insights into some of the technical challenges that his team has had to overcome along the way.


When: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 11:00 AM (PDT)

Scheduled to Occur: Once

Duration: 1:00



Yan Cui is a lead server-side developer at London-based, award winning gaming company GameSys. He focuses on building highly distributed and scalable server-side solutions for social and mobiles games. He speaks regularly on C# and F# topics at local user groups and conferences in the UK and keeps an active blog at 



In this session, Yan will share some of his experiences of building a successful MMORPG for a social audience and insights into some of the technical challenges that his team has had to overcome along the way.


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Yan Cui (theburningmonk)


Based in London, Yan works as a server side developer for iwi, a software house focused on producing high quality social games that run on platforms such as Facebook and Hi5. Yan’s primary focus is of building highly distributed and scalable server-side solutions to support the rapid growth of iwi’s games - JackpotJoy Slots is now serving over 350k users each day handling over 100m requests and growing! Yan mainly specializes in .Net technologies such as C# and WCF, but he also holds strong interests in other areas such as AOP, functional programming and cloud computing.

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