Tech Mesh London 2012 / "Go Do: solving Real Problems correctly with Go"

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Software engineering can be considered a process: developing a system from its current state to its ideal state. For many problems in large-scale web environments, Go is an excellent tool to facilitate that process. A very brief introduction to the language is followed by examples of real-life use-cases at SoundCloud. The talk demonstrate how Go's simple, powerful, and orthogonal primitives can be combined to build robust, maintainable software. Talk objectives: The talk aims to demonstrate that Go is a production-grade language, whose unique combination of simplicity and orthogonality lends itself to elegant solutions to a large class of problems. Target audience: Engineers managing complex requirements in distributed, fault-prone environments, who value simple, unambiguous, and robust service-oriented solutions.


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Peter Bourgon (peter.bourgon)


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