Tech Mesh London 2012 / vert.x - Polyglot Asynchronous Application Development for the Modern Web

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Vert.x is the new polyglot asynchronous application framework for the JVM from VMware that enables you to write effortlessly scalable asynchronous, web-enabled applications in JavaScript, Java, Ruby or Groovy. In this talk Tim will be explaining why the growing number of mobile and internet enabled devices demand applications that can efficiently handles 10s if not 100s of thousands of concurrent connections, and how that leads us to an asynchronous programming model. We'll look at how Vert.x's super simple simple concurrency model frees you from the pitfalls of traditional multi-threaded programming, and we'll cover how to use the Vert.x event bus to communicate between the components of your applications, including client side JavaScript, enabling you to create modern "real-time" web applications incredibly simply.


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Stuart Williams (stuart.williams)


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