CodeKen 2012 / Prototyping, Iterating, Rebuilding government

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Starting in February 2010 a small group of developers, designers and product sculptors began work on, demonstrating what a new, simplified and unified website for the UK government might look and feel like. Now with we're showing how it could operate, working with the intention that this will become the definitive government web presence. It's almost all ruby, largely open source and developed out in the open on github. The project is a unique opportunity to reshape the way the UK government thinks about the web. It's also familiar in many ways to anyone who's tried to bring a modern startup mindset into a large organisation. This talk provides an overview of how such a distinctive project came to be, the way we're working, and lessons learned along the way. It dives into some of the principles underpinning the system architecture, and a little of how we've dealt with security and assurance considerations, but is primarily focussed on the experience of bringing a modern web startup culture into one of the world's oldest institutions.


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