CodeKen 2012 / PixelPhones

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Seb will launch the first day of CodeKen 2012 in style with a live demonstration of his PixelPhones project. Seb is known for large scale installations and events like his interactive digital fireworks, and glowstick voting systems. In this session he explores how technology can bring an audience together and create the feeling of unification. He’ll talk about his most recent project, PixelPhones, that connects to all the smart phones, turning each member of the audience into a single pixel of a huge pulsating display. He then explore how PixelPhones can create unique events where the audience can truly become part of the performance, and the challenges involved in scaling this system up to 1000s of audience members. Bring your iPhones, and Flash enabled Android devices! Oh and probably worth charging them up beforehand.


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Seb Lee Delisle (SebLee-Delisle)


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