London Java Community / Leinigen - the easiest way to get started with Clojure

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Imagine all the power of Maven without having to manage lare XML project files. Thats Leinigen! Discover how to create, manage and deploy your Clojure projects with the minimum of fuss. Use the declarative language of Clojure to define your projects in a human readable way. See how to separate your dependencies between runtime and development, so you only put into production the libraries and code you want. Leiningen has a wide range of plug-ins and the most useful one being for the runtime environment, the REPL. A bit of live coding will show you how to get the most out of Leiningen and the REPL, including how to connect to a REPL server from an IDE. Come and discover why Leiningen make Clojure coding even more fun and productive.


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John Stevenson (jr0cket)


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