Progressive Java Tutorials 2012 / CyberDojo

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A CyberDojo is a great practice environment for learning about coding, test driven development, team dynamics, and collaboration. In a CyberDojo: the players work in small groups each group works at a single computer each group writes their code and their test-code totally inside a web browser each group submits their code and test-code to the CyberDojo server as often as they wish the CyberDojo server saves the submission, runs the tests, and returns the test-outcome to the browser. To encourage collaboration every five minutes the server plays a round of ""musical chairs"" by asking the keyboard drivers to move to a new computer and take up a non-driver role at the new computer. The aim of a CyberDojo is to collaborate collectively towards working solutions on all laptops. A CyberDojo is fun and stimulating. We will need one laptop for every two people so if you have a laptop please bring it.


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