Progressive .NET Tutorials 2012 / html5

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So HTML5... What is all the fuss about? It seems all the major vendors are actually in agreement on something. In this tutorial we'll be powering through the murky waters of HTML5 taking a brief look at where all the hullabaloo has come from, why it matters and how it relates to the world of .Net. We'll be looking at some of the key considerations of a HTML5 project including old Browsers (boo!), new browsers (yay!), the boring stuff (what do you mean semantics aren't sexy?), the cool stuff (new toys like websockets, location services, local storage etc) and mobile. Code examples, dev tools, frameworks, libraries and best practices will all be thrown into the mix so be ready for a content rich session with lots of hacking, experimenting and a large side of samples and resources.


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Dan Thomas (dan.thomas)


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