FP Day 2011 / Sparks, darks and swings; description and post trade management of structured energy contracts

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We present the first release of the Netrium platform; a domain specific language and development framework that enables very high productivity and low operational risk for describing and processing complex financial and physical energy contracts. The implementation is based on an academic paper written by Simon Peyton Jones et al.


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Anthony Waite (anthony.waite)


Anthony has worked in software development teams within the financial services and energy industries for 15 years. He currently leads the architecture and business analysis teams for RWE Supply and Trading, based in Swindon, UK. He has only recently been introduced to functional programming, through the Netrium project and working with the Haskell consultants, Well Typed. Whilst understanding the core concepts of Haskell and associated benefits, he is far from being an expert!

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