FP Day 2011 / Programming Music with Overtone

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This presentation introduces Overtone - a Clojure front-end to the state-of-the-art realtime sound synthesis engine SuperCollider - currently being established as a music platform for both research and performance. Overtone facilitates a truly exciting high-level exploration of musical ideas such as the design and structure of sound, the coordination of multiple concurrent performers and even new forms of musical notation.


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Sam Aaron (sam.aaron)


Sam Aaron is a researcher, software architect and live programmer with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of programming as a form of communication. His previous work focussed upon the design and implementation of DSLs in order to allow concepts to be communicated and transposed more effectively and efficiently. Currently, Sam leads Improcess, a collaborative research project exploring the combination of powerful sound synthesis techniques with tactile and linguistic user interfaces to build new forms of musical device with a high capacity for improvisation.

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