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Agile has been around for 10 years and everyman and his dog are apparently using agile in their day to day work. Question is: are they actually agile? In this session we will answer that question by firstly going to look at what we are trying to achieve by using agile, and then move on to talk about the various current main stream methodologies that people use, namely Extreme Programming, Scrum & Kanban comparing and contrasting each methodology discussing their relative strengths and weaknesses. Once we have this understanding of what we are trying to achieve and the methodologies people are using we'll move on to look at the latest thoughts, techniques and methods in the agile world including lean thinking and what it brings to the table.


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Nathan Gloyn (nathan.gloyn)


Nathan is a passionate developer, designer and agile evangelist. In his day time job he is Senior Software Architect at Dot Net Solutions developing software for clients that ranges from simple web applications to full featured cloud solutions. Nathan has successfully boot strapped scrum & agile teams in various companies that he has worked at and has given presentations on Scrum & Kanban at a number of events.

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