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A Murray cod is a fish which is frequently found in Australia, especially in the fresh waters. It is a predatory fish which contributes to the Australian marine wildlife. It is the largest freshwater fish in Australia and among the largest in the world. The Murray cod fish is a heavy fish. It can be more than one meter in length and the largest Murray cod fish which has been recorded till date was around 1.8 meters in length and as heavy as 113 kg in weight!!! Because of the size and weight of these fishes, they are extremely strong and powerful and hence catching them becomes very difficult even for a well trained fisherman.

The Murray cod lures- catch them with this

Since the Murray cod is a very big fish, it can easily destroy almost any kind of lure. This is because of its powerful stroke and bite. So lures are now created especially for the Murray Cod fish which are heavier in size and are much more longer in length. The most common and widely used among these are the hard-body lures. They are made up mainly of bass and are quite heavy. They are also longer in length, around 120 to 150 mm. Due to their longer length, they can reach deep inside the water where the Murray cod are generally found. Owing to the heavier weight of the Murray cod lure, it not only reaches the desired location more rapidly, but it makes it difficult for the fish to destroy it easily.

Interesting tips of using the Murray cod lures

The Murray cod fish strikes the lure mainly because it is a very aggressive fish. According to researchers, the presence of lure makes the fish very agitated and it compels the mighty Murray cod to eat the lure. This distressed and anxious nature of the Murray Cod fish makes it easy for the Murray cod lure to work easily and efficiently. One interesting tip for the use of Murray cod lures is to ponder the lure again and again at the same area. This agitates the cod even more and makes it to bite the lure with all its anger.

The Murray cod lures are very interesting and user friendly. They help in catching this huge fish with ease and perfection and give the fisherman a mighty treat and lot of happiness. There are number of lures like cod lures and barra lures that will help you catch fishes easily.


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