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The barramundi fish is a large fish which is found in the freshwaters of Australia. The wild barramundi is one of the very popular and one of the finest eating fish worldwide. It is a very large fish, around2 to 4 ft in length and can be as heavy as 60kg in weight. Owing to their weight and structure, they have enough flesh in them which makes them a top contender for sea food. These fishes have a sweet taste and are liked by many. But because of the heavier weight of the barramundi fish, it is extremely difficult to catch it. And here in comes the valuable role of the barramundi lures.

Why barramundi lures?

The barramundi fish is known to be very swift and can easily not be trapped. This is because it cannot be persuaded so easily. It is a known fact that it can easily surpass the nets and the baits and can give the fisherman a run for his money!! To overcome this difficulty, the barramundi lures are developed especially for the scaly and fast barramundi fish. They are made in different shapes mimicking an original bait. What makes the barramundi lures more attractive is that they come in varied colors and vibrant shades.

Make of a barramundi fishing lure

There are various barramundi lures and are named according to the technical make-up. But the basic structure of all the barramundi lures is the same. The most widely used and popular design of a barramundi lure has a small reel below the casting. They are although small in size but are very strong and make it possible for the fisherman to have a strong grip. This type of barramundi lure is commonly known as the “baitcaster”. These days small and light weighted barramundi lures are also available. They are useful in case of using a small and tiny bait. Also, because of the light weight of these types of lures, they are extremely useful in cases of winds and storms. The best reel brands available nowadays are ABU, Daiwa, Shimano; among others.

With the advent of technology and coming up of the various kinds of barramundi lures, it is now very easy and simple for a fisher to catch those mighty and huge barramundi fishes. This will help and meet the ever so increasing demand of the barramundi fish.

You can catch fishes easily with lures like led lures, cod lures and tuna lures. All you need to do is buy the lure of your choice.


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