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It is a known saying that successful people don’t do different things, they just do things differently.” This phrase can be applied on each and every aspect life, even to fishing. As commonly known, a fishing lure is a kind of artificial bait which is used by a fisherman to trap fishes by catching a fish’s attention. Mostly all lures are attached at the bottom of a fishing line and are helpful in attracting a fish in more than one way. For example the various movements, vibrations, shapes and colors of lures spontaneously catch a fish’s attention and help in catching the fish.

What are LED lures ?

L.E.D. lures or Light Emitting Diode Lures are the fishing lures which have LED light in them. Apart from the various properties of a normal lure, these types of lures have an added advantage of emitting light when inside the surface of water. This makes the lure up to 100 times more attractive and catchy. These LED lures are very useful for trolling and casting.It instantly refreshes the instincts of the fish and the fish is compelled to go near the lure.

How does a LED lure works?

The LED lures are light emitting lures and work on the principle of emitting light and attracting the fish. Usually these lures emit bright blood red color which mimics an injured or dead fish. This instantly and quickly catches the attention of the fishes around the lure and compels them to come near the fish and eat it away!! The LED lures are basically of two types. First is the automatic LED lure which emits light as soon as it touches the surface of water. These are the ones which have sensors in them. The second type of variety are the manual lures which emit light when they are turned on manually as per the operator’s wish. So depending upon the requirement and preferences the LED lures can be used.

Best use of LED lures

Although LED lures have a definite edge over other lures and work best in almost every condition, they are more productive in certain environmental conditions like the low light areas of dark waters, early in the mornings or late evenings and even in deep waters.

Technology has no doubt made our way of lives easy. But it has also made our world more user friendly and worth living. There are different types of lures for catching and attracting different types of fishes. Some other types of lures are cod lures, tuna lures and barra lures; among others.


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