Beginning F#

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  • Create real world applications in F#
  • Use functional programming techniques more effectively
  • See how F# allows you to write code that is more testable
  • Learn how F# enables you to use meta-programming and language oriented programming
  • Find out about commonly used F# open source libraries


Day 1: Getting to Know F#

  • The basic: let bindings, values and functions
  • Type: tuples and the function type
  • Immutable collections: List, Sets and Maps
  • Pattern matching
  • Record and unions
  • A little on testing in F#
  • My first F# app: a web crawler
  • Some collective intelligence algorithms in F#
  • Anatomy of an F# application
Day 2
  • Parallel Programming with the Parallel Task library
  • Asynchronous programming with F# workflows
  • Agents and the actor model
  • Domain specific languages
  • Advanced testing using FsCheck and NaturalSpec
  • Meta programming with F# quotations
  • Accelerator, DirectCompute and executing code on the GPU

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