on 12/5/2016 11:00 AM
Tweet ps. look out for all my other solutions for Advent of Code challenges here.   Day 4 See details of the challenge here. The input for today’s challenge looks something like this: bkwzkqsxq-tovvilokx-nozvyiwoxd-172[fstek] wifilzof-wbiwifuny-yhachyylcha-526[qrazx] jvyyvzpcl-jhukf-shivyhavyf-487[zhtsi] kwvacumz-ozilm-kivlg-kwvbiqvumvb-694[gknyw] mvhkvbdib-kmjezxodgz-mvwwdo-omvdidib-837[dmvbi] nzydfxpc-rclop-qwzhpc-lnbftdtetzy-171[cptzd] vhehkyne-unggr-inkvatlbgz-813[gnehk] tcorcikpi-hnqygt-octmgvkpi-570[[...]
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