on 8/25/2015 11:25 PM

A new version of Try WebSharper just hit the live site featuring update notes to complement the addition of updates from the last release along with some quality of life changes.

  1. When updating your snippet you can now specify notes regarding that specific update. This is similar to the description field with the intent of only showing what changes were made and why. Later we might compile all the notes from the previous versions and show them all for a given snippet.

    which will show up under the description in the next version:

  2. We now have previous and next links on the embed page as well meaning you can switch between versions in an embedded snippet.

  3. You can use WebSharper.React and WebSharper.MaterialUi in your snippets. The extensions have not been publicly released yet so you can access them only on Try WebSharper!

  4. Extensions have been updated to the latest versions which means bugfixes — most notably UI.Next enhancements — and other improvements!

Happy sharing!

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