on 3/16/2012 2:29 AM
This week I had pleasure of meeting Vagif Abilov on Tomas Petricek and I’s Advanced F# course at Skills Matter. Vagif mentioned a Ruby implementation of Conway’s Game of Life being squeezed into 140 characters for tweeting and how that might look in F#. Here’s the 140 characters of Ruby: life=->g,s{(0..s*s-1).map{|i|->n{n==3||(g[i]&&n==2)||nil} [[g[i-s-1],g[i-s],g[i-s+1],g[i-1],g[i+1],g[i+s-1],g[i+s],g[i+s+1]] .compact.count]}}   And 137 characters of F#: let f s g = g|>List.mapi(fun i x->match x,Seq.sumBy[...]
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