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This is cross-posted from the F# team blog. Great to see this!   Training is an important part of adopting F# successfully in any large organization. There are several options for F# training currently available, but one recent addition is an online training course in F# by Pluralsight, authored by Oliver Sturm.  The material is available through a subscription -  details on subscriptions to this material can be found on the Pluralsight website. The sections and durations of the course are listed below, an[...]
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For those interested in professional on-site and in-class F# trainings, IntelliFactory has been offering a wide range of courses on F# - the full catalog is hosted here on FPish. For on-site trainings, you can request a quote with your special needs, number of attendees, etc.

We now have started to prepare these courses in an online format as well. The first introductory F# course in the series will be available shortly here on FPish, so check back on the above link often.

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