Functional Programming Exchange 2009 / Supercharged Rabbit: Resource Management at High Speed in Erlang

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RabbitMQ has been written in Erlang since its conception, in summer 2006. Since then the Rabbits have been getting more reliable, more scalable and faster. Recently we have embarked on a large modification of Rabbit to address resource management issues and increase scalability. This talk will extol the virtues and otherwise of functional programming and writing in Erlang, along with the challenges we are addressing and how we're overcoming them.


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Matthew Sackman (matthew.sackman)


Matthew works for LShift Ltd in London as a senior developer. He is one of the core developers of RabbitMQ, working in everything from Erlang and Java to Shell and Make. Matthew completed an MEng in Computing at Imperial College in summer of 2006, before staying on to study for a PhD. He has a long-standing interest in concurrency and type systems and the seemingly impossible task of combining the two. He was first introduced to the glory of functional programming at University, through Haskell, which he continues to assert is the finest programming language available today.

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