The aim of the Functional Programming eXchange is to inspire and promote awareness and adoption of innovative ideas in Functional Programming for enterprise development. Rather than focusing on the specifics of one language, we will focus on the paradigm and ideas of Functional Programming that apply across the various languages and what these can bring to modern enterprise development today.

With 6 expert talks and two Parkbench sessions, this intensive one day, one track event is structured to encourage discussion and bring together the leading thinkers and passionate members of the Functional Programming community. With a maximum number of 125 delegates, we aim to provide an informal and intimate environment where you can learn, ask questions, share experience, demonstrate new ideas and techniques, talk to the experts and have some fun too.

Robert Pickering has kindly agreed to be the Programme Lead, and is currently working with Duncan Coutts, Ganesh Sittampalam, Anton Schwaighofer, Sadek Drobi, Miles Sabin, Matthew Sackman on an interesting and exciting set of talks!

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