The problem here is that SlickGrid's inlineFilters puts some severe limitations on the function used as a filter. Namely, the function can't access data from its closure, so here the surrounding class Client and the aliased WebSharper modules like Arrays and Unchecked are inaccessible.

I think inlineFilters is just a performance optimization, so if you don't have performance issues, then you can set it to false and this will work.

By on 8/3/2018 8:44 AM ()

Many thanks for giving this inside.

Just one more question:

The annotation `[Name("id")] public string Id { get; set; }of the ID-column does not work. I have to set the items likeDataView.SetItems(_vData.V, "$Id");`, specifying the ID-column with $Id.

Is this the indented kind of behavoir?

By on 8/6/2018 12:29 AM ()


You can just use a field and that will get named properly in JS: [Name("id")] public string Id;.

Currently C# auto-implemented properties translate to separate getter and setter functions and a backing field named $PropertyName, and the [Name] attribute is affecting the name of the getter function instead. This is indeed a bit superfluous, translating it same as fields would be perfectly fine I think. I will look into this change.

By on 8/9/2018 1:56 AM ()
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