Hi Derek, thanks for the heads-up. Your websharper.com account should work on intellifactory.com and fpish.net as well - there is no need to register on those sites again.

By on 5/9/2018 7:20 PM ()

Ah sorry I was not clear, I tried logging in first with my google account (not creating another account in Intellifactory) but I get sent to


with a message of

"In order to sign in you need to activate your account."

the "active your account" link takes me to https://fpish.net/logon-help

which asks for my email address. I enter my gmail address and I get the error "something went wrong"

The above is happening when I an simply trying to log in. Though I get something similar when I tried to register. Perhaps this issue is that I may have tried to register before simply trying to log in as I had not realized the websharper (forum) and fpish sites were "linked". But to be honest I cannot remember what I tried first.


By on 5/13/2018 8:28 PM ()
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